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Community in a Time of Struggle

Today I opened the first three volumes of my Great Books series from 1952 by Encyclopedia Britannica, mostly to find the word “community” in the syntopicon which makes up volumes two and three of the set. These two volumes contain over 100 major themes that frame up what is called “the great conversation”.  At first, I found myself disappointed at not finding the word community as an entry or essay topic in the syntopicon, but then I took a second look and recognized a new perspective on the matter.

The specific topic of community was not granted an essay in and of itself because the entire series is about community. Every one of the topics who found their themes in the contents of these volumes, every one of the 54 volume set of books, is flooded from cover to cover with community. Whether the theme is angel or aristocracy, hypothesis or habit, liberty or law, wealth or wisdom; from Aeschylus to Freud, these volumes in their contents validate the importance of community and its discus…